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iPhone, Android users get updated Twitter app

Twitter has overhauled its mobile apps for Android and iPhone, which the micro-blogging service said will "bring you closer to everything you care about."

Up first, the apps will include Expanded Tweets, a service Twitter rolled out on last month that adds "interactive experiences" to tweets.

If you come across a tweet with a link to a Kickstarter project, for example, you can watch the video associated with the project within the tweet. Links to articles from publications like The Atlantic, meanwhile, will include story summaries, while images or videos associated with Etsy and Vimeo content will be accessible within Twitter.

"This new experience will roll out gradually to web, iPhone and Android users," Twitter said in a blog post.

Twitter also promised improved auto-complete, which will serve up more suggestions when searching for people. For those you already follow, the updated apps include support for push notifications. Twitter already allows for text-based alerts when a favorite user posts a new message or retweets you, but now those can be done through pop-up, push alerts. Those alerts can be configured in your account settings.

Twitter also said the iPhone app will allow for the discovery of tweets and photos from live events, like #NASCAR, via special hashtags.

The release comes shortly after an update to the Twitter iPhone app was leaked to the iOS 6 App Store, which detailed many of the updates added to these latest releases.