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Back-to-school shoppers to splurge on tablets

It's almost that time of year again: children and students around the country, like it or not, you have to head back to school after the summer hols.

With the back-to-school season approaching, families are gearing up to start shopping for the upcoming year and it's no longer just pencil sharpeners and uniforms being bought - 40 per cent of 4,450 consumers surveyed said they planned to purchase new technology items, according to online shopping site PriceGrabber.

While shoppers are predominantly looking to purchase the basics like school supplies and clothing, the survey also showed, "an increased consumer appetite for tech products," compared to last year, Graham Jones, general manager of PriceGrabber, said in a statement. Specifically, more back-to-school shoppers are planning to buy tablets this year.

"Tablet computers are lighter in weight and more portable allowing students to carry them from class to class and providing back-to-school shoppers with an alternative to more expensive laptops," Jones said.

Of those planning to buy tech, 50 per cent said they would splurge on a new laptop, while 49 per cent are planning to buy a tablet. Meanwhile, 28 per cent of shoppers are planning to buy a smartphone, but only 10 per cent have their eye on a new desktop computer.

Overall, 46 per cent of shoppers are planning to spend more this back-to-school season than in 2001, the survey found. Sixty-three percent of the US consumers polled said they plan to spend over £300 this year, compared to 48 percent in 2011. Another 20 percent plan to spend between £300 and £700, and 17 per cent don't have a back-to-school shopping budget this year.

Check out the infographic below: