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Today's Tech: Samsung Galaxy S3 lacking in brightness, Mountain Lion to exclude some Mac models, O2 service restored

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is not as bright as previous Galaxy S models, according to a new report from DisplayMate Technologies. In order to maximise battery life on the 4.8in device, Samsung opted to sacrifice brightness, the report found. Still, that hasn’t stopped reviewers and consumers alike from treating the S3 as the holy grail of smartphones since its release at the end of May.

On the heels of a hack that stole half a million Formspring passwords, some 450,000 Yahoo Voices usernames and passwords have been leaked and posted online. A hacking group named D33DS Company is believed to be behind the attack, which accessed the unencrypted data through a backend Yahoo database.

In other security news, Microsoft has released nine patches addressing 16 Windows vulnerabilities. The patches, three of which were labeled 'critical,' fix issues in Windows, IE9, and Office, among other applications.

As previously reported, some older 64-bit Mac computers will not be able to upgrade to Mountain Lion. The new OS, due to be released sometime in July, will shut out some MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Mini models, Apple confirmed on its official Mountain Lion upgrade page. The company has not revealed the reason behind the decision, but it's likely related to those graphics drivers.

O2 mobile services have finally been restored after an outage that began on 11 July left several hundred thousand of the operator's 22 million customers unable to make or receive calls, send texts, or use data. The problem comes after a massive NatWest outage in June suggested that major companies should re-evaluate their existing IT infrastructures and contingency plans.