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New tool lets users migrate Google+ Circles between accounts

Google has unveiled Takeout, a tool that allows users to transfer Circles from one Google+ account to another.

All followers will automatically be dropped directly into your new, preferred profile, according to Ronald Ho, a Google+ product manager, who posted a notice about the update on his Google+ page.

By clicking "Transfer your Google+ connections to another account" on the Takeout site, you can ensure even your most obscure follower will make the leap to your new profile.

The process includes a seven-day waiting period before the transfer begins, and users can only transfer Circles once every six months. Also, once the 48-hour transfer process begins, it can't be cancelled or undone, so think before you Takeout.

Right now, Google is only offering the service for Google+ Circles, and doesn't include any other content on the search giant's social network, much to some users' dismay.

"If this doesn't bring over stuff like +1s, I have trouble seeing it as a valid solution," one user wrote in response to Ho's announcement.

Another said Google is "doing it wrong," adding that the site should simply allow users to merge Google accounts, and transfer any Google service from one account to another.

"I didn't choose to have a different account for orkut, and another one for blogger, and another one for ," he said. "There was simply no google single-sign-on for that service at the time."

Five people +1'd that comment.

In a separate comment under his original post, Ho wrote that the company "unfortunately" doesn't have plans to support the transfer of content created from one account to another. "At the moment this tool supports helping you move your social graph from one profile to another," he said.

Not everyone was disappointed. "Absolutely fantastic news," someone wrote. "Many many thanks to you [Ho] and the team for the hard work in getting this out."

Ho encouraged users who encounter a "This account doesn't have G+ profile" notice when switching Circles to sign out of the account and first log in to the "source" account – the one with the Circles you want to transfer- and then proceed with the Takeout steps.