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Samsung accuses LG execs of OLED technology theft

Samsung has accused its flat-panel display rival LG of orchestrating the theft of core display technology, according to Korean newswire Yonhap.

A total of 11 people, including three LG executives, have been indicted in a South Korean court over allegations of corporate espionage, specifically related to an alleged leak of OLED technology.

"Samsung Mobile Display, which takes up about 97 per cent share in the world's OLED market, is worried about losing tens of trillions of [Korean monetary unit] won due to the latest technology leak," a Samsung representative said.

"Executives of LG Display, which lacks OLED technology and related human resources, took the lead in this criminal act in order to overcome their shortcomings as quickly as possible," the company alleged.

Samsung, currently the world’s leader in flat-panel display sales, has urged LG to apologise and take responsibility for the alleged incident.

"LG Display doesn't need other companies' technology," LG countered in a statement. "Samsung Mobile Display's technology is totally different from LG Display's."

LG may take legal action against Samsung, claiming its accusation amounts to defamation, Bloomberg Businessweek has said.

OLED displays, which use organic material and tend to be thinner and lighter than LCD displays because they don’t require backlighting, are expected to replace LCDs as the next-generation of mainstream flat-panel displays, though they are considerably more expensive to produce.

The technology is being used increasingly in smartphone displays, like Samsung’s Galaxy S3.