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Today's Tech: Google loses top exec to Yahoo, VMware chief also bolts, will thinner iPhone 5 be enough to stop Galaxy S3?

Talk about a personnel carousel. Today's news was led by the shock announcement that Marissa Mayer, one of Google's longest serving employees and its now former VP of local, maps, and location services, was jumping ship to become CEO of rival firm Yahoo. Of course, it will be a while before we know whether Mayer can reinvigorate the one-time Internet titan - but we think we already have an idea of how Google is planning to respond to the hasty departure of its esteemed 'employee #20.'

A few triple-espressos later and a further unexpected change was upon us. Turns out another old school geek god, ex-Microsoft guru Paul Maritz, is also on the move, leaving his post as CEO of virtualisation software experts VMware with no apparent destination in mind. Where might he land? There are a few legitimate possibilities at this stage, but we think it is probable his unexplained departure is a part of a bit of incestuous reshuffling at parent firm EMC.

Elsewhere, Raspberry Pi has gone from serving up its tasty brand of stripped down computing in tapas-sized portions to offering an all-you-can-eat buffet. Previous purchase restrictions limiting buyers to one unit per person have been lifted, with the in-demand device now available for bulk buys in an announcement that is likely to be of particular interest in enterprise and education sectors.

Permanent headline hoggers Samsung can't seem to go a day without featuring in our daily news round-up, with the Korean tech giant today notching up a £200 million deal for UK-based chip designer and manufacturer CSR. Samsung will now enjoy rights to the firm's future mobile connectivity and location technologies, while also acquiring a tidy 21 US patents that may well be of use in its ongoing series of global legal confrontations with rival Apple.

And what of events over in Cupertino? Apple may well be concerned by reports that the Galaxy S3 has pushed itself even further ahead in the smartphone market. This piles even more pressure on the launch of the iPhone, which is projected to hit shelves this autumn. But more importantly for the purposes of fanboys and casual consumers alike, we're now almost certain it's going to have a thinner screen – not to mention a vastly improved display.