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UPDATE: Google will not replace departed VP and new Yahoo supremo Marissa Mayer

The blockbuster revelation that Yahoo has tapped Google veteran Marissa Mayer to be their new CEO continues to acquire intriguing new layers, with news subsequently emerging that she will not be directly replaced at Mountain View.

Instead, Mayer's duties will apparently be split across her existing team of lieutenants due to the rapid and unexpected nature of her departure, according to a report from All Things D that cites "two sources with knowledge of the organisation."

Mayer had resided at Google since its inception and was often referred to simply as 'employee #20.' Her remit there included overall responsibility for Google Maps, Google Earth, Zagat, Street View, and local search on both desktop and mobile platforms.

On the surface, Mayer's career move has been greeted warmly by the Google hierarchy, with company chairman Eric Schmidt saying he is "personally very excited to see another woman become CEO of a technology company."

However, it is now being speculated that a broad reorganisation of the departments that fell under her watch is imminent, with the underlings of the former local, maps, and location services VP due to report to Google's Senior Vice President of commerce and local, Jeff Huber, in the meantime.

Mayer is generally thought to face a nigh on Herculean task at Yahoo, which was an Internet giant in the 1990s when Google was still a web fledgling, but now suffers from consumer confusion as to whether it is primarily a search engine, a news site, or an email and messaging service.

Still, the news of her arrival represents a major coup for the company, not to mention a welcome respite from the negative headlines surrounding the recent security breach it suffered.