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O2 offers compensation to all customers after network outage

A week after a network outage left hundreds of thousands of customers unable to use their phones for up to 24 hours, O2 has confirmed that it will offer compensation to all of its subscribers - even those who were not directly affected.

"The issue we had was unprecedented and we recognise that this caused inconvenience and frustration for those who had a disruption in service,” the company said in a statement.

The mobile giant, which is the UK’s second largest operator with more than 22 million customers, says it has identified those subscribers who were affected by the outage and is prepared to offer them “the equivalent of three days” in compensation.

Customers on pay monthly contracts will be refunded 10 per cent on their July tariffs, to be applied to their September bills. Pay-as-you-go customers will be awarded a 10 per cent bonus on their first September top-up.

In a gesture surely aimed at drumming up goodwill, all O2 customers will be offered a £10 voucher that can be spent in O2 stores - not that £10 can buy much. Vouchers will be made available for download online or through O2’s Priority Moments app between 1 and 30 September.

Subscribers on Tesco Mobile and Giffgaff, both of which use O2’s network, will be offered compensation, as well.

Tesco pay monthly customers can expect a 10 per cent discount on their July subscriptions to be reflected on their September bills, while pay-as-you customers will be given an extra 10 per cent on their first top-up in September, the company has said.

As for Giffgaff, the company is offering all customers a 10 per cent bonus on their top-ups, whether or not they were affected by the outage, according to a company blog post. The catch, however, is that the offer will only available between 19 July - 25 July.

O2 customers can expect to receive a text message by 27 July with details about the compensation they are eligible for.

For customers who may not be satisfied with O2’s proposed compensation, there’s still no word on whether they will be allowed to leave their contracts penalty-free as a result of the outage.