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Orange offering youngsters free data, all-you-can-text, and a Lumia 610 for £15 a month

Orange has rolled out a new age-specific price plan aimed at students and late-teens that gives subscribers a hugely desirable data boost on the house.

The U24 deal costs just £15.50 a month, with Orange offering a choice of two perfectly serviceable smartphones for free - the Nokia Lumia 610 or the Orange San Francisco 2 - as part of a package that includes 50 minutes, unlimited texts, a complimentary add-on, and 250MB of data.

Of course, a 250MB data allowance isn't even enough to handle with my mum's weekly online browse of Teapot Aficionado, but youngsters needn't get their skinny jeans in a twist, as the tariff comes with an extra 1GB for those aged 16-24 - more than enough for the average English student to Wikipedia a book they haven't read.

"We're pleased to be able to reward our younger customers...whether they're going away to university, or starting out in a new career, with U24 we're hoping to make life a little easier, providing them with an extra mobile data allowance and the potential to call and text over 27 million people as often as they like - all for no extra charge," said Simeon Bird, Orange UK director of propositions.

The U24 deal - which also features a dedicated app for Android and BlackBerry that highlights friends on Orange and T-Mobile, to whom phone calls are free - is likely to go down especially well with cash-strapped university types

"U24 will go down well with university students who are paying hefty tuition fees on top of general living costs," said's communications commissar Ernest Doku (no relation). "You could feasibly see whole student households signing up to this deal so they can text and call each other at no cost.

Doku also ventures that Orange's move may prompt other networks to devise copycat packages.

"Expect other providers to quickly follow suit and offer similar packages aimed at a younger audience," he added. "It may take a lot more than Orange is offering to keep them beyond the contract period."

Still, the tariff's free data and unlimited texts seem like a pretty shrewd move given the target market, with an Ofcom study released today revealing that young adults in particular favour texting over talking.

A cheap monthly rate, all-you-can-text, and a phone that someone might actually want to steal - pretty epic, huh?

Cringe-inducing celebrity crushes aside - I'm still trying to live down ownership of a Britney Spears poster - it scarcely seems like there's been a better time to be young.