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Bing incorporates Foursquare for new tips feature

Since its spring relaunch, Microsoft's Bing has continued to add social partners, and now the search has incorporated check-in site Foursquare.

Over the next few months, Bing users will gain access to the new "People Who Know" sidebar, packed full of tips and recommendations from Foursquare users, based on location and search queries.

In addition to friends' photos or bloggers' reviews, users can get crowd-sourced information about a particular search, be it a local park, a new restaurant, or any other person, place, or thing.

"Now when you're planning a trip to that dream destination or a night on the town, you can find people who are knowledgeable about the place you're searching, based on what they've publically shared on foursquare," Bing Social Team senior program manager Swati Gharse wrote on the company blog.

A quick search for 'Starbucks' pulls up location-specific tips from Foursquare users about the best deals on refills or which cafe location has the closest free Wi-Fi.

"Foursquare tips and recommendations are a great way to explore new places and we are very excited to incorporate them into the Bing sidebar," Foursquare said in a statement.

Today marks the first phase of the new feature, though users will see an increase in frequency and volume of Foursquare content as the search engine refines the feature.

"This is only the beginning of Foursquare integration and is part of Bing's ongoing commitment to work with industry partners to make the social experience compelling and useful for customers," a Bing spokeswoman said.

Social exploration site Foursquare revamped its iOS and Android apps last month, improving tabs and check-in speed, as well as introducing personalised recommendations pushed directly to your mobile device.

Just days earlier, Microsoft announced upgrades to its Bing search engine, which brought social media and a new design to the page.