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Samsung launches MV900F camera with flip-out display and Wi-Fi

Samsung has announced the latest addition to its range of Wi-Fi-enabled 'Smart' cameras, the MV900F.

The successor to the MV800, the MV900F boasts a number of neat features, headlined by 3.3in OLED display that flips through 180-degrees - ideal for taking self-portraits and previewing/framing shots from a variety of angles. The camera also features an f2.5-6.3 stabilised zoom lens with a 25-125mm focal range, a 16.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, and 1,920 X 1,080 Full HD video recording.

Nick White, Samsung's Head of Digital Imaging for the UK and Ireland, put forth that the new snapper offered an optimal synergy of design, creativity and connectivity.

"The MV900F is another example of Samsung's dedication to creating innovative and high quality products which benefit the consumer. The Smart technology combined with the unique flip-out display makes this camera one of a kind," he said.

An initial glance at the MV900F and its stand-out features hints at a potential target audience of party goers and night life aficionados. The 'Beauty Palette' option represents a virtual make-up bag, offering 10 different options to smooth, brighten, and add colour to unexpected close-ups.

Gesture Shot is another slick touch. Motion-sensor technology is built into the camera, providing users with the ability to control the camera remotely through gestures: a circular motion triggers the MV900F's zoom functions, while capturing an image is as simple as moving your hand up and down.

Wi-Fi connectivity means that users can instantly access social networks and other devices via the Smart Link button, enabling real-time photo sharing on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It will be available in four colours: white, black, pink, and red and the expected release date and price will be mid-August and £329.99, respectively.