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Apple adds movies to iTunes in the Cloud in the UK

Apple has expanded its iTunes in the Cloud service to allow users in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more than thirty other countries to access their movies online.

The feature, which until now has only been available in the US, allows users to watch iTunes-purchased films on any computer or iOS device at any time and without clogging up storage space. Until now, non-US users have only been able to use the service to transfer music, apps, and books over the air.

"With iCloud, you can start watching movies and TV shows on one device and finish them on another," Apple says.

Thanks to rights deals with major studios such as Warner Bros, Universal, Fox, and Paramount, Apple has finally been able to export the movie part of the service overseas. However, because download rights are managed territory by territory, it’s important to note that not all titles will be eligible for iTunes in the Cloud re-downloads just yet.

The company also expanded its iTunes Match music storage locker to Hungary and Poland.

The move puts Apple a step ahead of Google, which has not managed to add music, magazine, or TV show licenses to its UK Google Play store. International rights are notoriously difficult, and expensive, to secure but are crucial to the tech giants as they try to step up their global market share.