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Huawei Ascend P1 available for under £325

The UK release of the Ascend P1 – the ultra-thin powerhouse smartphone from Chinese manufacturer Huawei - has only just been announced and already we've got our peepers trained on a pretty sweet deal for the entertainment-orientated Android device.

At present, the Ice Cream Sandwich equipped Ascend P1 is available for official pre-order via online retailer Handtec, which is offering it for £347.99, having knocked about a tenner off an earlier price of £359.99. The price does not include shipping costs though.

However, we've dug up a reputable eBay seller who is in the midst of flogging five black Ascend P1s for only £323.75 each on a Buy It Now basis.

That's a saving of about £25 off Handtec's current list price. What's more, the merchant, gvctech20112011, is also offering free shipping, which will save you even more dosh.

In other words, if you want the phone but don't fancy a Vodafone contract or just can't wait a couple of weeks until it begins to ship officially, head over to eBay and grab yourself the slender beast courtesy of another slick bit of ITPP deal stalking.