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Latest reports indicate Windows Phone 8 devices launching in November; Office 2013 this coming February.

It's going to be a busy autumn for Microsoft, which is lining up a bumper crop of new products and service deliveries ahead of the lucrative holiday shopping season.

Microsoft has already confirmed a 26 October general release date for its latest generation OS, Windows 8, with the final release-to-manufacturing (RTM) preview version expected at the beginning of August. The Surface RT tablet has the potential to eclipse all of Microsoft's other efforts and is also set to land on 26 October.

Windows Server 2012 will follow a similar pattern, with an RTM iteration coming in early-August and a full rollout fixed for September.

But that's not enough for one of the tech world's myriad anonymous inside sources, with reports now coming out of Spain hinting at dates for the rest of the tech giant's launch calendar.

According to the informant, Windows Azure – Microsoft's cloud computing platform – is going RTM in August with a September general availability in mind, with Visual Studio 2012's arrival thought to fit a similar timeline.

The biggest news has Windows Phone 8 arriving in RTM form for Microsoft's Apollo OS in September, and being rolled out to the first wave of devices.

Office 2013 (or Office 15 to some) will be the final product to descend on the market, hitting price lists in October, going RTM in November, and finally becoming available to all in February 2013.

Microsoft's all-out assault has some industry insiders predicting that its mobile OS has the potential to best Apple's iOS in the long run - if it can crack the US market.

Of course, such a rapid string of new releases can seem difficult to comprehend at times, so stay tuned to ITPP for all the latest news and analysis on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, the Surface tablet, and the latest version of Office.

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