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NBC, Adobe struggling to update Android Olympics apps for Galaxy S3, Nexus 7

Like its network rivals all over the world, US television broadcast giant NBC is pushing London 2012 as the first truly digital Olympics, with viewers potentially tuning in to the action live on their mobile and tablet devices in addition to plopping themselves down on the couch.

The only problem is, NBC's official Olympics apps – NBC Olympics and NBC Olympics Live Extra – aren't compatible with a number of newly shipped devices, namely mobile tech hot rods the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

NBC has designed the apps with the help of developers at Adobe and prioritised the contraptions with the most existing users, meaning that buyers of more recent technology are out of luck – at least for the present.

However, the TV channel has ventured that it is committed to rolling out wider compatibility in time for the Games.

"We are trying to support the largest device subsets possible. More and more devices will be compatible as we get closer to the Games, including the Galaxy S3," said Chris McCloskey, VP of communications for NBC Sports.

But is NBC going to run out of the time? The first football matches kick off in less than a week – though interest in America may be mooted as its men's team failed to qualify – with the Opening Ceremony scheduled for Friday evening.

While NBC's apps are unlikely to be of much immediate concern to British viewers – you have to pay for the live streams, by the way, unlike on the BBC's Olympic app for Android and iOS - it nevertheless highlights the problems faced by developers trying to keep their software up-to-date with the latest releases.

In addition to tuning in to coverage via the BBC, Galaxy S3 owners in the UK can also enjoy live, top-notch Olympic coverage thanks to Samsung's generosity: the manufacturer has packaged a free one-month subscription to the Eurosport Player into purchases of its latest flagship smartphone.

Broadcasters are not the only ones trying to embrace the Olympic spirit either. Social network behemoth Facebook has launched a dedicated London 2012 hub, while video sharing giant YouTube is streaming the games live to Africa and Asia - in HD no less.