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Today's Tech: Microsoft posts net loss despite record quarter, Windows Phone 8 devices for November, & new Android ICS device.

It's been a busy week on the financial front, with second quarter results streaming in from far and wide like a drug-addled army of storm troopers. By and large, they're about as interesting as Boris Johnson's Olympic-spirited public transport announcements, but today's news that Microsoft was posting a net loss despite a record quarter did stand out. The bizarre figures are likely a result of the firm's write-down of 2007 acquisition aQuantive, not to mention the further revenue deferral for a Windows 8 upgrade promotion.

Also on the Redmondian front, speculation emerged that devices running Windows Phone 8 would start touching down in November, following a release-to-manufacturing version of the OS (codenamed Apollo) in September. An industry insider ventured a string of predictions regarding the tech giant's forthcoming launch calendar, so if you're interested in other key kit like Office 2013, Windows Azure, and Visual Studio 2012, tap on to get an idea of when you should be able to sex up your software options.

Nobody gets the Friday blues – or do they? Chip designer Qualcomm might have a bad case, actually, as it continues to struggle to keep up with demand for its Snapdragon S4 processor. Smartphone manufacturers, especially those that conceive devices that run Android, may have special cause for concern - the chips feature in a number of market-leading mobiles including the HTC One X and the Sony Xperia SX.

Apparently, something called the Olympic Games is coming to the UK quite soon, and concerns have been floating around about the ability of UK mobile networks to cope with the rapid influx of data traffic set to descend in under a week's time. We've heard that four million people are set to rock up on our capital, but, thankfully, Everything Everywhere - the communications marriage between Orange and T-Mobile - says it's going to be just fine. Well, it wouldn't exactly say the opposite would it...

Closing the week, we've got exciting news on the mobile front, as Huawei has finally announced the UK release of its ultra-thin Ascend P1 smartphone. The device, running Android Ice Cream Sandwich, will land at the beginning of August, with the best contract deals looking to come from preferred network partner Vodafone. However, consumers wanting to get their hands on it a) early, or b) SIM-free, need to look no further than ITPP's infamous deals section. Despite the news only dropping today, we've already found you an eBay pusher who's offering it for £323 with free shipping - £25 less than online retailer Handtec does before P&P.

The piercing insight and pinpoint witticisms of Today's Tech will be back Monday, but until then, make sure to check back over the weekend as our editorial director, Riyad Emeran, will be compiling the week's best news into a feature-length digest. Not that you missed anything, of course.