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Amazon chooses London for its next expansion drive

Amazon announced today that it would be combining the design and development teams from Pushbutton and Lovefilm, two companies that it acquired last year, into a new global digital media development centre right in the heart of London near the Barbican tube station.

The eight-floor, 47,000 sq. ft. centre will be based in Glasshouse Yard near to where Pushbutton hails from in Clerkenwell. Amazon's new venture will be headed by Paula Byrne, who is also the CEO of Pushbutton.

Incidentally, when Amazon acquired Pushbutton in July 2011, Byrne hinted at today's announcement when she said "2012 is going to be the most exciting year in the history of the company. We are going to design and build the most amazing user interfaces – right here, in the heart of querky Clerkenwell, we will shape the future of interactive media for the whole world. To help us with that mission we are seeking the best design and development talent – and we are seeing great people join us from all over Europe. Not just for the sport, London is the place to be in 2012".

The Centre will bring together software development engineers, user-interface experts and graphic designers who, together, will work on creating interactive digital services for TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones and computers (as well as tablets).

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