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Nokia to use Windows Phone 8 to strike iPhone-like revshare deals with EU phone networks?

Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia will apparently emulate what Apple did with the iPhone back in 2007 by giving exclusivity deals to European mobile phone operators against a share in revenues.

Apple struck a two-year deal with O2; one that allowed the Telefonica-owned phone network to bolster its user base by poaching high-spending, lucrative customers.The Financial Times says that Nokia will move away from trying to sell as many handsets as possible and instead try to create an aura of exclusivity in a bid to build up anticipation and kickstart a virtuous circle.

Networks likely to be approached include Deutsch Telekom (T-Mobile), France Telecom (Orange), Vodafone and Telefonica (O2). Giving exclusivity on a flagship smartphone to a particular network carries significant risks both to the operator and to the handset manufacturer as both place their bets on one model only.

Nokia is expected to unveil a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone in October, later this year, possibly just after the launch of Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 8.

Source : Financial Times

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