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Today's Tech: Google Nexus 7 sells out, iPhone 5 dock connector raises concerns, Samsung Galaxy S3 gets X-ray.

Put a high-quality tablet on the market for under £200 and it sells out fast. That’s the simple lesson learned from Google and its sought-after Nexus 7 tablet. The 16GB version of the device has now sold out on Google’s own Play Store both here and in the US, but the company has emailed customers to reassure them that the next shipment is “coming soon”.

A product likely to see similarly rampant sales is the iPhone 5, coming later this year. But today’s news may worry some prospective buyers, as it appears all current iPhone accessories will be made redundant by a new dock connector on the latest model. A redesigned 19-pin connector will be incompatible with all those expensive speakers and chargers sporting the standard 30-pin dock, so Apple better hurry up and make some kind of adaptor before i-anarchy takes over.

Amazon is expanding; and it’s coming to London. A brand new eight-floor centre will bring together software development engineers, user-interface experts and graphic designers as the American firm spreads its wings across the pond. The move comes after Pushbutton and Lovefilm were acquired by Amazon last year, and the Clerkenwell HQ will house the teams from each subsidiary.

One of today’s most popular items has been the Samsung Galaxy S3’s curious trip to the doctor. But before you fret about the well-being of the popular handset, it was just a routine X-ray to examine its inner-components. As smartphone teardown met Holby City, inquisitive S3 owners gave the phone a full scan and released the resulting pictures, so take a look via the link.

Finally, after Ofcom told us we now prefer text-based communications to actually talking to each other, ITProPortal decided to investigate our messaging habits further. Have we really turned into conversation-fearing, soulless robots? Or is there still hope for humankind and our ability to look each other in the eye and deliver a verbal message? You know what you need to do to find out.