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Apple's iOS 6 to ditch password prompt for free apps?

With iOS 6, users will reportedly not be required to enter a password when downloading free apps.

Developers playing around with the iOS 6 beta have discovered that Apple is not producing a password prompt for free apps, according to Cult of Mac, which pointed to a post on Reddit. It doesn't matter if it's a re-download or your first download; free app downloads do not encounter the pop-up password request.

The revelation comes shortly after Apple acknowledged a vulnerability within iOS that allows users to access in-app content without paying for it. The glitch will be fixed with iOS 6, Apple said last week.

If a free app includes in-app purchases, users will presumably still be required to provide their passwords at that time. In-app purchases have been available via Apple's App Store since October 2009. Last year, amidst concerns that children and other users were making unwanted in-app purchases on users' accounts, Apple added a password requirement for in-app purchases with iOS 4.3.

Apple released beta 3 of iOS 6 last week; the full version is expected this autumn, likely alongside the release of the next iPhone.

In case you were unsure, excitement for the next iPhone is at "unprecedented" levels, according to a survey by ChangeWave Research - a conclusion the general buzz building around the world seems to support.