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Audio dock for Google Nexus 7 set to launch

Certain products have a knack for whipping up a healthy storm of consumer fervour, and the Google Nexus 7 is certainly one of them.

A strong spec, sleek design and wallet-friendly price tag have seen the tablet fly off the shelves during its fledgling days on the market, with the 16GB version already selling out.

And as owners across the land become better acquainted with their new toy, accessories come onto the agenda. Specifically, what are those three pogo pin dots on the side of the tablet for?

Recent reports seem to indicate they will connect to an audio dock, and if the circulated rumours are correct we should be seeing a Nexus 7 music station launched very soon.

Asus, which builds the tablet for Google, told Pocket-lint that a dedicated audio dock will be arriving this summer, allowing the user to charge and of course play music from the device. With the dock connecting via the side of the Nexus, the tablet should be great for watching films as it lies horizontally giving a wide-screen view.

The new accessory will reportedly be black and is designed to blend into the Nexus, almost appearing part of the device. Current details do not indicate a price or specific release date at this stage, but a launch in expected imminently.

However, those hoping for a docking keyboard similar to Asus’ Transformer range will be disappointed. There are currently no plans for such an accessory, as the tablet needs to be 10in or more for it to work effectively.