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GAME offering new Nintendo 3DS XL for £79.99

Anticipation continues to build ahead of this weekend's release of the expanded-display iteration of Nintendo's 3DS.

The new version of the portable games console, the 3DS XL, is being touted as featuring a screen that is 90 per cent bigger than its older sibling.

Jealous 3DS owners need not fret, however, as high street retailer GAME is offering the latest piece of Nintendo hardware for a mere £79.99 on trade-in, compete with AC adapter.

By way of contrast, the full retail price of the 3DS XL is set at £174.99, making the exchange offer a no brainer for users of the old device - a total saving of £95 is on offer, with the console available in a full range of colours.

Moreover, while the AC adapter may not sound a very generous extra, Nintendo plans to charge an additional £6.99 for the power cord.

Owners of the 3DS who want to get their mitts on the new gaming contraption should act fast, however, as the deal is currently set to expire on 9 August.

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