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Private talks in Apple vs Samsung patent war fail to bring truce

The legal war between Apple and Samsung continues to rumble on, and the latest twist in the messy tail concerns a reported meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook and senior Samsung executives on the orders of the US courts. Unsurprisingly, the talks ended in disagreement.

Reuters and The Telegraph both cite “several sources” as confirming the summit, but the informers could not be identified as they were not authorised to speak publicly on the matter. It is believed that the respective parties could not agree on the value of each other’s patents, leaving little resolved ahead of the latest trial date on 30 July in California.

The trial will feature both utility and design patents as the tech giants compete for the best standing in the ever-growing smartphone and tablet markets. Claims cover diverse technologies including 3G chips, user interface elements and the design of the hardware.

The patent pendulum has swung back and forth as the disputes tour the world. UK Judge Colin Birss angered Apple last week by ordering the company to publish a formal notice in a number of British newspapers stating that Galaxy tablets like the Tab 10.1 did not copy its registered designs. But the Cupertino-based firm has enjoyed more success on home soil, with a US appeals court recently upholding the country’s ban on the same 10.1 tablet from Samsung.

As the latest disagreement over the bargaining power of each firm's intellectual property portfolio muddies the waters further, will we ever see a truce between the two companies? Should one be favoured more than the other in the courts? Tell us your thought below.