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Today's Tech: iPhone 5 in production, Apple v Samsung dispute rumbles on, Amazon prepares new tablet line-up

As iPhone 5 mania reaches fever pitch, a new report suggests the hotly anticipated device is already in production. The next-generation iPhone is currently being pieced together in a Pegatron-run plant in Shanghai, Digitimes has said. The news comes on the heels of reports that the smartphone will indeed feature a new, smaller 19-pin dock connector. But no need to say goodbye to your beloved speakers and car chargers - Apple’s making an adaptor that will let users hang on to their third-party accessories.

To maximise the new iPhone’s chances of market dominance, Apple is continuing its battle to impose restrictions on bitter rival Samsung as the duo’s well-publicised patent disputes unfurl. A number of sources say Apple CEO Tim Cook held a private meeting with Samsung executives to try and agree some out-of-court settlements, but lo and behold different patent valuations from each party meant nothing was decided at the summit. The saga has also reached Germany, where a Düsseldorf court has handed down a ruling banning Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 throughout the European Union, while denying a German ban on the redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1N. When will it end…

With just the Kindle Fire to its name and that pesky Google Nexus 7 grabbing so much attention, Amazon wants to bolster its tablet range with five or six new devices. The claim comes from Staples president Demos Parneros, who says a 10in model will be included in the line-up. Launch dates and price details are conspicuous by their absence thus far, so watch this space for any developments on that front.

Supplementing our bevy of news items today is a review of Xbox 360 game Wreckateer. Dubbed “Angry Birds in 3D with the pigs replaced by goblins”, the Kinect-controlled game looks a lot of fun at first glance, but how will it fair when we cast our critical eye over it? Follow the link to find out and see what it scored out of 10.