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Apple encouraging speaker companies to drop docks & go wireless ahead of iPhone 5

With rumours continuing to circulate about Apple's intention to change the size of the dock connector on its next iPhone to a reduced, 19-pin version, industry sources are now venturing that the Cupertino-based tech giant is gently prodding speaker manufacturers to rubbish the docking aspect of their docking systems entirely, according to Pocket-lint.

Such a move would mean that if Apple does indeed rubbish the 30-pin dock connector that features on current generation iPhones like the 4 and 4S, customers who may have already jumped to a wireless entertainment solution wouldn't be stuck needing a pricey adapter or left having to contemplate doing away with their existing system altogether and invest in new accessories.

A number of top speaker manufacturers are already offering wireless audio solutions, with companies like Philips, B&O, and Sonos setting the standard.

Apple is quite dependent on the eco-system surrounding its flagship products, which include household names like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Size varies amongst these devices – not to mention the potential rollout of a smaller, 7in tablet later in the year – spelling design issues going forward and increasing the difficult of docking.

Now, it looks like Apple is encouraging speaker firms to favour wireless solutions, highlighting the fact that they are both backwards compatible and next-gen ready for future devices, such as the smartphone thought to be named the iPhone 5.

It's an idea that companies like Sonos have been pushing for some time. Indeed, the only way to control its wireless speakers aside from directly via your computer is via the manufacturer's dedicated Android and Apple apps. Physical remote controls were dumped earlier in the year.

Earlier today, Apple finalised the release of its latest Mac OS, Mountain Lion, announcing that recent buyers of its desktop computers are entitled to free upgrade to the new operating system.