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Ideal for the iPhone 5: T-Mobile's Full Monty unlimited-everything package down to £15.50!

Two weeks ago, I commended Chitter Chatter, an online reseller for T-Mobile, for offering a 12 month SIM-only Full Monty Unlimited contract for £18.

Now, it's offering the deal for just £15.50 per month, making for a total saving of £15.50 every four weeks when measured against the official retail price, which is normally £31.

The deal - which offers unlimited data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts - doesn't include tethering. The full price of the package is £21 but you get £5.50 per month automatically credited to a special Visa Chitter Chatter card.

Virgin Mobile and Three also offer unlimited packages, but only Three's One Plan offers tethering as well.

But is it really that good of a deal? The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the Full Monty plan from T-Mobile has a total cost of ownership of £1,013, but nab the same phone on SIM-free for around £450 and you will pay at TCO of £822 - almost £200 less.

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Source: Chitter Chatter