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Job ad indicates Microsoft Office for iOS is on the way

It’s a rumour that has been gathering momentum for some time now. Microsoft has allegedly been working towards launching its famous Office suite for Apple’s iOS and a new job posting from the software giant provides the strongest indication yet that an Office app is indeed on the way.

The advert outlines the role for a software development engineer working with Office for Mac, and its accompanying description directly references Apple’s mobile OS.

“You will work very closely with the Development team on the design, implementation, & testing of new feature work to be part of Microsoft’s next move on the Mac and on iOS,” reads the memo, adding, “We build our own Mac and iOS products that present team members with unique technical challenges…”

Seeing as Microsoft already has several other iOS apps including SkyDrive and OneNote, it cannot be said that this job posting is concrete proof of Office’s arrival on the platform just yet. But on top the heavy speculation that has already surrounded the move this year, it seems something of an inevitability that Microsoft will port the productivity suite to iOS before long.

Just two months ago it was reported that the company was keen to see Office make its presence felt in the tablet market, with the suite supposedly being readied for a November release on both iOS and Android.