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Olympics Week: Samsung Hope Relay charity app

Just a quick reminder that you can still use Samsung's Hope Relay app to donate £1 to children's charities such as Kids Company and International Inspiration for every mile you walk, run or cycle.

You just have to download the app (available for Bada OS, Android and iOS), create an avatar and start clocking in miles (the app uses your device's GPS to track the user). In addition, you have until the end of the week to get two pairs of Olympic Games tickets.

We're not sure whether using a car, motorbike, public transport or even a plane works but Samsung will donate £1 (up to a total maximum donation of £667,000 or $1 million) for every mile recorded, subject to a maximum mileage of 26 miles per day, per participant.

Samsung says that it "accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies that may occur as a result of issues with the GPS system being out of range or atmospheric or other conditions".

There have been a few complaints though, mainly from users on iOS who pointed out a number of bugs. At the time of writing more than 100,000 downloads have been recorded on Google Play. The app was launched back in May 2012.

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