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Russian contest accepting submissions for Steve Jobs memorial

Miss Steve Jobs? You'll soon be able to visit him in St. Petersburg, Russia, where fans of the late Apple founder are planning to erect a monument in his honour.

Through a competition to be hosted by a private St. Petersburg foundation, designers have been asked to propose a memorial, which could become anything from a classic statue to a memorial plaque to, fittingly, an electronic installation.

A jury of St. Petersburg IT professionals, as well as an online voting process, will ultimately choose the winner. Those projects with visual support – photos, audio, video – are likely to catch the judge's attention, the site hinted.

The top three ideas, while not all winners, will still receive prizes. Third place gets an 8GB iPhone 4, while the runner-up earns a 16GB iPhone 4S. If you really wow the judges, not only will your memorial be installed in the country's capital, but you'll also be able to tell your friends about it on your new Wi-Fi plus cellular iPad.

St. Petersburg is considered the centre of Russian technology, the project organisers said on the website. So it's not out-of-context for residents and visitors to pass a monument to former Apple CEO every day.

"His ideas helped the [IT] technologies to become so wide-spread," the translated project website said of Jobs. "He really changed the world for the better. A memorial should be installed in St. Petersburg, the memorial to this man of genius, who had [sped] up the progress of our civilization."

Russian news site RT reported that a location for the monument will be decided upon once city officials and project organisers agree on a concept, material, and scale.

To apply, send your 10MB or smaller file, in Russian or English, to or submit it through the contest website. The deadline for entries is noon (Moscow time) on 6 August.

Following Jobs' October passing, a Hungarian software company Graphisoft unveiled in December a bronze statue of the inventor, as both a tribute to Jobs' time at Apple, as well as his support for Graphisoft itself in the 1980s.

The statue appears to have Jobs wearing his trademark blue jeans and black mock turtleneck outfit, holding an iPhone and looking as though he's about to deliver a speech.