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Months before Windows 8 Launches, Windows 98 is voted favourite OS of all time

A poll carried out by Virgin Media Business found that Windows 98, which carried the codename Memphis and was released in June 1998, has been chosen as the most popular operating system according to a sample of UK office workers.

43 per cent said that they preferred the short-lived Windows 98. The first iteration of the OS was replaced less than one year later by Windows 98 Second Edition and then by Windows Millennium Edition (ME) in September 2000. The lifecycle of a Windows operating system is normally more than three years.

In comparison, 25 per cent of respondents chose Windows 7, while UK retailers overwhelmingly said that the current Microsoft OS was the best ever.

The research comes after Microsoft recently announced that Windows 8 will be released on 26 October and that the release to manufacturing phase will take place in August. Windows users that have purchased their devices (tablets, desktops or laptops) until 31 January 2013 will get Windows 8 Pro for only £15.

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