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Samsung Galaxy S3 loses local search after stability update

An over-the-air "stability" update for the red hot Samsung Galaxy S3 has been rolled out but in the process removes local or on-device search functionality on Google's search feature within Android.

According to Android Central that reported the change, the baseband version, XXLG6, is less than a week old and other than local search being disabled, nothing yet has surfaced. The GT-i9300 is the name given to the Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets sold outside the US and Android Central believes that the stability update might have been rolled out because of the current legal tussle between Apple and Samsung.

It is likely that the removal of local search was a mere mistake and that Samsung will reinstate it in a future OTA, possibly when Jelly Bean is expected to come to the Galaxy S3 in a few weeks' time.

Interestingly, XDA-developers' forum already contains a fix to bring back the search functionality although it does require the user to have root access, which is not going to be an easy task for novice users.

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