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Scientific calculator now part of Google Search

Your clunky old school calculator has probably been neglected for years thanks to the advent of calculator apps and the ability to simply type mathematical problems into Google's search bar.

But now, there's even less reason for you to keep the thing around. Google this week one-upped itself by adding a full 34-button scientific calculator to its search engine.

When you type a mathematical equation like "2+2" into the search box, Google will now give you the answer on a handy new calculator. The tool also appears when you search for the word "calculator."

Previously, you could enter a formula into the search bar and Google displayed the sum above the search results. Now, Google outputs the result in a white-and-gray-themed virtual calculator face into which you can continue punching equations.

"Users have been able to search for equations for a while and quickly see the answer on the search results page, and we recently expanded the feature to include a graphing function and 3D graphing," a Google spokeswoman said in an email to PCMag. "Today we've updated the calculator feature to be more intuitive and easy to use."

The new Google calculator has buttons for 16 scientific functions, as well as Euler's number and pi, letting users solve everything from basic arithmetic to much more complicated problems.

Even better — it works in mobile browsers and with Desktop Voice Search, allowing equations to be spoken aloud. When using the calculator on your mobile device, the scientific functions appear when the phone is rotated to landscape mode.

Google has been consistently adding new features to its search engine in an effort to become more of a destination, rather than just a vehicle to get to another site. The company, for example, back in May unveiled its so-called "Knowledge Graph," which offers up key facts about certain people, places and things in relevant search results.