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£50 Android tablet with a capacitive screen hits the market

The Archos 7C home tablet has now been discounted to £49.99 by high street retailer HMV - around a third of its suggested retail price.

The device was released last year and is the third model in Archos' Home Tablet series. It runs on Android 2.1 Eclair (with a Froyo update available), comes with a Rockchip 2818 processor clocked at 311MHz, a 7in 800 x 480 resolution capacitive display, a microSD card slot and 8GB of onboard storage. There's also Wi-Fi, a mini-USB port, and a kickstand, but no camera, HDMI port or GPS.

There are a number of custom firmwares available for the tablet but it would be counterproductive for novices to try and install them as they run the risk of voiding the manufacturer's warranty and turning the tablet into an expensive paperweight.

Note that you also get 4999 purehmv points and free delivery with your purchase. However, we'd still prefer the Disgo 7000 tablet, which was on sale at Play for £40, despite it sporting a resistive display.

The lure of a 1GHz processor with a camera, two micro-USB ports, 512MB of RAM, an HDMI port, and 4GB onboard storage is already enticing for that kind of price, but factor in the option to augment the Disgo's capacity with cheap flash storage and the deal gets even more attractive.

Source: HMV

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