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Galaxy S3 sales help Samsung double global smartphone lead over Apple

Samsung continues to dominate the global smartphone market, selling more than double the number of devices during the second quarter than second-place rival Apple, according to new data from Juniper Research.

Juniper estimated that Samsung shipped 52.1 million smartphones during the quarter, compared to the 26 million iPhones sold by Apple.

Helping Samsung lead the charge is the newly released Galaxy S3, sales of which reportedly hit 10 million in recent days. But as Apple admitted during a Tuesday earnings call, many iOS fans are currently waiting for the next-gen iPhone, so while sales might be sluggish in the next month or two, they should skyrocket once the 'iPhone 5' makes its debut.

Still, Juniper noted, Samsung has managed to leverage its brand recognition and the popularity of the Android OS across all price tiers, not just the high-end Galaxy lineup.

Juniper said other Android rivals "continue to fall short," like HTC with 11.6 million smartphones sold and Motorola, which has been "distracted by the Google acquisition" and lacks a strong presence in Western Europe, Juniper speculated.

Nokia, meanwhile, shipped about 10.2 million smartphones, while RIM came in at 7.4 million, Juniper said.

According to Juniper, Sony has the strongest potential to battle Samsung in the smartphone space. "Sony should be doing better: it, like Samsung, has a global brand name and the Xperia brand is well-established but its marketing and products have been disappointing so far," Juniper analyst Daniel Ashdown said in a statement.