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NatWest, Nationwide say accounts have been fixed after glitches

After two separate errors left some NatWest customers without access to their accounts and some Nationwide customers with payments debited twice, both companies claimed their respective glitches have been resolved.

The problem is perhaps worse for NatWest, for whom this week’s IT infrastructure disaster is the second in as many months. Like the 19 June error that, weeks on, is still affecting some customers in Northern Ireland, the glitch locked some users out of their online banking accounts, made some incoming payments bounce back, and prevented some customers from using their debit and credit cards.

But in a statement released this morning, NatWest assured customers that “[o]nline banking is now fully operational and debit card transactions are processing as normal. We continue to monitor our systems closely and will keep you fully informed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

A spokesperson told the Guardian this latest outage is different from the RBS one last month. "Last time was a batch run that affected money coming in and out of accounts. This looks to be different," he said.

But despite NatWest’s assurance to the contrary, some customers’ accounts appear to still be affected.

“My online banking is back, but all my Natwest cards are still declining,” said Jenny Blair as recently as 11:00.

“My debit card still isnt [sic] working,” said Kelly Barlow in a tweeted addressed to NatWest this morning.

“So if #natwest have fixed all their problems, why does my account still show available funds £0.00?” asked Jonathan Drummond.

As appears to be the norm, NatWest is offering little in the way of details, asking only that customers with compromised accounts contact them directly.

Meanwhile, Nationwide, whose glitch was a “human error” that led more than 700,000 customers to be debited twice for purchases and 50,000 of those people to have subsequent payments declined or to inadvertently overdraw their accounts, has said it has resolved the issue and will refund affected customers.

“All debit card transactions processed twice have now been corrected. We apologise to those customers affected,” the company said.