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Path update adds larger photos & 'nudge' feature

Californian start-up Path yesterday released a new version of its popular social networking app for iPhone and Android devices with a number of new features.

The latest version, Path 2.5, brings larger photos and videos, book and film sharing, and the ability to "nudge" friends. This is the first major update to the Path app since version 2.0, which launched in November 2011.

The new nudge feature lets users encourage inactive Path contacts to start posting more. If a friend hasn't posted anything for a while, they will fade to grey on a user's contact list and a question mark will appear next to them. By tapping the question mark, users can nag their friend to share a photo or update. Users can also now record and send voice messages, or suggest people with whom their contacts should connect.

Meanwhile, photos are now 30 per cent larger and span the full width of the news feed. Users will be able to quickly snap a photo with the volume button and jazz up their images with new Instagram-like filters. The app also now lets users switch to capturing video with a single tap on the photo screen.

The latest version also lets users share with friends the book or movie they are enjoying, and get access to movie reviews and synopses, full previews, as well as actor and author information right from the app.

Finally, Path streamlined the intro process with a short tour that will show new users how to use the app.

"It's our hope that these additions to Path allow you to watch and read what your friends are watching and reading," the company wrote in a blog post.