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RIM developing Blackberry 10 photo filtering suite to rival Instagram

We’re certainly being made to wait for the Blackberry 10 platform. Though many were expecting a launch this year, a series of delays largely boiling down to the financial turmoil of manufacturer RIM has seen the estimated release date pushed back to the new year.

But Blackberry loyalists are staying positive in the face of RIM’s adversity, as exemplified by the team at Crackberry who seem rather excited about photo editing features set the arrive on Blackberry 10 that resemble Instagram’s notorious filter settings. Given the startling success of that particular app, perhaps they have every right to be enthused over this latest development.

Crackberry describes the in-built filters, frames, transformations and photo enhancement features on Blackberry 10 as “truly awesome”, though the function isn’t yet working as it should on the Dev Alpha.

Having fallen so far behind iPhone and Android devices in the smartphone market, RIM’s ploy seems to be a simple case of replicating the features that have made its rivals so successful. As well as this move to incorporate elements of Instagram – an app now synonymous with general camera-use on leading phones - is the news that touch screen-only devices are likely to lead the Blackberry 10 line-up; again replicating qualities associated with iOS and Android handsets.

Blackberry devices have never been renowned for their photo editing features in the past and the addition of an integrated suite is an interesting move from RIM. It seems the company is trying to make its devices more ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ in the iPhone sense, straying from Blackberry’s reputation as more corporate and practical.

Should RIM be focusing on playing to Blackberry’s strengths as a business-friendly phone? Or will features like this boost the platform and revive RIM’s bleak fortunes in the process? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Images: Crackberry