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Today's Tech: Another Natwest banking glitch, Galaxy S3 boosts Samsung profits, Skype denies government collusion accusations

Late last night we reported another embarrassing technical glitch for Natwest, with its beleaguered customers joined by Nationwide account holders in being unable to access their balances. Thankfully for both parties, particularly the former in light of a certain catastrophe earlier this month, the problems shouldn’t harm customers for too long after the glitches were fixed this morning. Or were they? Some users had evidence to the contrary; follow the link to read all the reaction.

In the mobile world, 2012 has been the year of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the hugely popular smartphone has helped Samsung on its way to recording a record operating profit for the year’s second quarter. The £26.6 billion in total revenue brings profits up an incredible 79 per cent from the same time last year. According to research, this is due in no small part to the sales of that gleaming S3.

But anyone looking forward to seeing Apple sheepishly drop its tail between its legs in a public apology to Samsung will have to wait a little bit longer - as the duo's legal saga rumbles on. A London court has ruled to stay a High Court order forcing the company to run a series of ads saying that Samsung did not, as Apple has been alleging in courtrooms the world over, steal the iPad's design for its Galaxy Tab 10.1. A full appeals process to take place in October will determine whether or not the order will be imposed after all.

Skype has faced some pretty serious accusations lately, but the call and messaging company has fought back strongly. A “rare” bug on the program that sent user’s IMs to unintended third-party contacts earlier this month led some to claim Skype was using its infrastructure to help government officials spy on users. But operations officer Mark Gillett insisted "[n]othing could be more contrary to the Skype philosophy." Who do you believe?

Finally, with Olympic fever well and truly gripping London, the capital’s Vue cinemas are packed to the rafters tonight as live coverage of the Games begins with the opening ceremony being broadcast across the theatres. Vue Entertainment has linked up with Sony to show Olympics coverage across its screens in the UK and Ireland, so register online and book your first Olympics night at the pictures.