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OnLive announces Ouya link-up

Cloud computing company OnLive has announced a link-up with Kickstarter phenomenon Ouya – an Android-based console designed for easy and accessible gaming.

Ouya has created quite the buzz in gaming circles, exemplified by the incredible $5,559,449 (around £3.53 million) the project has raised on funding website Kickstarter at the time of writing. OnLive appears keen to capitalise on the console’s momentum and has moved quickly to secure the tie-in.

“We are pleased to announce that OnLive will be available on Ouya at launch, extending and building on our commitment to make the best games available to everyone, everywhere,” said OnLive’s General Manager, Bruce Grove.

Priced around the £60 mark, Ouya is being marketed as a console for budget gamers. Running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, it will have a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and can output 1080p video to an HDTV. A March 2013 release is mooted.

“When OnLive first heard about Ouya, we were excited to see console gaming becoming more available and open,” said Grove. “Like Ouya, we came to gaming with a new vision for making top-quality gaming accessible to more people, and we continue to look for ways to expand on that vision.”

In a significant boon for the startup, OnLive promises to deliver a “full console-class experience” in conjunction with Ouya, bringing “hundreds” of games from over 80 publishers to the console for play on demand.

The deal may go some way to convince the doubters, who have questioned the viability of the project. Can a small team with a big idea muster the practical framework to deliver its promises to the supporters who have invested so much?

With major gaming players OnLive on board, the foundations beneath the Ouya project are looking a little firmer.