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TalkTalk gives away £299 YouView TV box with TalkTalk Plus package

TalkTalk announced that it will give a free YouView Box to customers who sign for its TalkTalk Plus unlimited broadband package for as little as £24 per month including line rental for an 18-month contract.

That's a pretty good "quad" deal (broadband and TV plus mobile and fixed-line telephony) given that the total cost of ownership is £432 and the box itself has a suggested retail price of £299 (it's highly likely though that the box only remains free as long as you are a TalkTalk customer). You will be charged a £50 engineer installation fee but you do get free connection.

Other features of the package include free 12-months worth of Lovefilm Instant (worth £59.88), unlimited download allowance (subject to fair usage policy), a wireless router, Homesafe and SuperSafe security features, unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and speeds of up to 14Mbps.

YouView is essentially a supercharged Freeview box except it relies on broadband to work well.

You get the bog standard Freeview channels (74 of them) but what makes it worth 33 times more than this £9 Curtis Freeview box is that it offers one-week catch up and more than 5,000 films and TV shows available for free. Extra channels are available at a cost (starting from £5) but with a 30-day contract only. TalkTalk doesn't provide a picture of the box itself but we believe that it is the Humax YouView DTR-T1000 which costs £299 and has a 500GB internal HDD.

Source: TalkTalk

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