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TalkTalk YouView TV vs. Virgin Media TiVo service: A quick comparison

TalkTalk's YouView deal is going to face some serious competition from Virgin Media (which offers a free TiVo box as part of its Essential Collection). So let's quickly compare both bundles (there's little to be gained by opting for the TV offers by themselves).

TalkTalk's bundle costs from as little as £24 per month, including line rental for an 18-month contract. Total cost of ownership: £432.

Virgin Media's bundle is significantly more expensive though. You pay £12.50 for the first six months and then a whopping £25 per month for a minimum of 12 months with an extra £13.90 for the line rental. That's a total cost of ownership of £625 over 18 months, around £190 more than TalkTalk's.

But Virgin Media sweetens the deal with free installation worth £50 (you have to pay that much for the TalkTalk plan) and you can get up to £70 off if you order online, which cuts the price difference down to around £70. Be quick too - the Virgin Media offer ends 31 July).

So Virgin is still £70 more, but you do get a 30mbps fibre optic line, six HD channels, catch up TV and a library of a few hundreds shows (including YouTube). However, Virgin Media doesn't offer security features, unlimited calls to UK landlines and free Lovefilm like TalkTalk.

So if you want HD channels and much faster Internet, Virgin Media remains your only choice (as long as you live in an area with cable services). Otherwise TalkTalk's YouView offer is worth a look especially with all the goodies thrown in.

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