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Alleged images of assembled iPhone 5 leak

Ready to see a fully assembled iPhone 5?

Various parts and pieces of Apple's next iPhone iteration have been leaking out over the past few months, but nobody's actually gotten a chance to mash them all together into a working representation of what the iPhone 5 might actually look like come its expected mid to late 2012 release date.

Until now, that is.

According to 9to5Mac, the website iLab has released a number of new photos that reportedly show off a fully assembled iPhone 5. That includes the curved backplane, all of the buttons, the speakers, the screen – everything.

The caveat? It's only a black iPhone 5 for now, so purists of Apple's classic all-white design will have to wait just a bit longer to see what their shiny new device might look like.

Additionally, we'd like to call attention to the new dock connector found at the bottom of the alleged unit. While that rumour's been verified for a bit of time now, Apple's decision to swap out its 30-pin connector in favour of a new 19-pin connector may require the company to include some kind of adapter in the packaging of the new phone, lest current accessory owners find themselves without any way to connect their devices up to the iPhone 5.

And the reason for the switch? As you'll notice, Apple's moved the headphone connector from the top of the iPhone to the bottom.

That all said, there's a certain strangeness about iLab's assembly – namely, the raised part between the black panel and screen and the gun-metal sides – that seems a bit off from Apple's standard design conventions. While some suggest that this might be a sign that iLab's shots aren't real, others are hopeful that it signifies the real iPhone 5, once smashed down, will be even thinner than what's seen in the pictures.

The iPhone 5 has been rumoured to launch at some point between late September to October, with sources suggesting that it will be officially unveiled at Apple's 7 August keynote event.

Image Credit: iLab