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Could you get the Nintendo 3DS XL for £100 today?

Nintendo's expanded-display 3DS XL arrived in the UK over the weekend, with mobile gamers who want to get their thumbs on the improved system currently looking at a full retail price of £174.99 from mainstream retailers like Amazon.

The deals are just starting to roll in, and so far we've pointed out that GAME is offering a pretty attractive trade-in offer for the new model, with 3DS owners willing to part ways with their old-gen console able to get the latest iteration for just £79.99, inclusive of an AC adapter, until 9 August.

Now the device has been officially unleashed, a few more offers are starting to emerge. The Hut, for one, is offering a marginal discount on the RRP, selling the 3DS XL in red or black for £167.96 including free delivery. It's barely enough for a Pot Noodle supper, but every penny counts in the current economic climate, right?

More interestingly, there's some potential steals currently going on eBay today. Seller justsims7710 – who boasts a positive feedback rating of over 99 per cent – is offering a number of the devices, with four auctions of the device set to expire today and prices hovering between £100 and £110 as of 18:00 UK time.

Get in fast, though - the next auction expires in under two hours and all of the sales are set to close this evening, with deals for the 3DS XL recently sealed for £145.

For those taking a longer term view, keep an eye on chrisrw745's auction: with six days left, a new 3DS XL and a game stands at £120 with only one bid.

Note that shipping for today's auctions is an extra £5.99, adapters do not seem to be included, and a warranty is not included but is available for an additional fee after the sale is completed - based on the seller's previous Buy It Now offerings, the figure is likely to be in the region of £20.

Still, tack on the shipping fee to the estimated sales price (£145) and you've got a brand spanking new handheld games console - only released in the UK two days ago - in your hands for £25 under RRP.

Now that is worth a few microwavable meals.