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Nintendo 3DS XL now available in UK, Europe

Nintendo finally released its 3DS XL portable gaming console in Europe over the weekend, making the larger-screened handheld entertainment device available to UK consumers on Saturday as planned.

The latest iteration of the games machine features a screen that is 90 per cent bigger than its older sibling, with the top screen expanding to 4.88in and the lower screen now clocking in at 4.18in. The new hardware also features an improved, reduced-glare LCD display. By way of contrast, the old generation 3DS has a 3.53in upper screen, with a 3.01in lower screen.

In addition to the larger screen – almost double the size of the former model – the 3DS XL will also boast a more powerful battery, with a playing time of six-and-a-half hours as opposed to only five hours on the 3DS. Many packages also ship with a 4GB SD memory card.

Those wanting to get their hands on it immediately are looking at a full retail price of £174.99 from mainstream retailers like Amazon and GAME, with the latter offering a great value trade-in deal for jealous owners of the 3DS until 9 August.

The GAME deal offers the new 3DS XL for a mere £79.99 complete with an AC adapter (worth £6.99) when trading-in the older bit of hardware – making for a total savings of over £100.

The availability of an improved portable gaming device is widely regarded as key to Nintendo's future as mobile gamers continue to venture away from more traditional handheld consoles in favour of the ease and accessibility of gaming on smartphones and tablets.

Now that the 3DS XL has made its UK and European debut, we're sure there are some more attractive buying options out there, so come back to ITProPortal and its infamous deals section later today and we'll have done the hard work for you.

For more on the Nintendo 3DS XL, check out our full review – without giving too much away here, it's well worth a look.