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Images show 10in Blackberry PlayBook in development

The release of a 10in version of the Blackberry PlayBook has been rumoured for some time now, but in RIM’s world of unrelenting financial strife, nothing is happening too quickly at the moment.

But we now have tangible evidence of 10in PlayBook in production – as long as you generally place trust in Vietnamese forums. A host of high-quality images add a little weight to the source's credibility, which states RIM will indeed be adding a larger alternative to its relatively unsuccessful 7in model.

The photos published on the site Tinhte show a device sharing many design similarities to the current PlayBook. If the evidence is reliable, the new tablet will support 4G LTE network.

Little else is divulged about the tablet, leaving us to pore over these snaps to make any further judgement. Yet recent news that RIM may be phasing out its current PlayBook model – as indicated by the slashing of retail prices – would certainly tie in with an imminent release of a revamped device.

If the 10in PlayBook does come to fruition, it will be burdened with considerable pressure to sell. RIM’s decline in fortunes has been well-documented and it desperately needs a success story to lift the ever-mounting gloom over the firm. Though CEO Thorstein Heins moved to reassure us all earlier this month, insisting the company was not “in a death spiral” – which is always good news.