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Today's Tech: iPhone 5 release date 'confirmed', Samsung prepping 11.8in retina-display tablet & Twitter storms blow in

Anyone with working eyes and a computer monitor knows that much of this Tuesday's tech news centred on Twitter storms. Mere days after IOC organisers alleged that too many tweets were to blame for the BBC's abysmal coverage of Saturday's cycling event, microblog-related controversy arose again when it was revealed that the social media site had suspended the account of a British journalist critical of NBC's coverage of the Games.

Since then, Guy Adams, who writes for The Independent in the UK, has been reinstated - which is more than can be said for Tom Daley troll @Rileyy_69, who is lucky to have gotten back from the cop shop. In case you missed it, he told Britain's young diving medal hopeful he had let down his deceased father after failing to win recognition in the syncornished diving event.

Elsewhere, the historic Apple vs Samsung patent trial turned up a number of floozies today. First, it came to light that court filings in the case revealed secret images of early iPhone prototypes. Later in the day, it was Samsung's turn to have its documents put under the microscope, with one particularly interesting bit of processed tree showing that the Korean tech titan is currently prepping a 11.8in Galaxy tablet with 'Retina'-style display.

More iPhone 5 gossip also dropped today, with another anonymous source venturing that a 21 September on-sale date was on the cards. Apparantly, the latest Apple flagship mobile will be announced nine days earlier, along with the heavily rumoured 7in iPad mini. We've heard it all before, of course, but that doesn't help us get to sleep at night.

Is the iPhone 5 acutally that crucial for Apple? It's common gospel to think so at the moment, but does such a view actually hold up to in-depth scrutiny? That's what our latest analysis considers, and while we won't give away too much here, our expert commentator does agree that its "now Apple's game to win or lose."