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Google delays Nexus Q release to add improvements

June’s Google I/O brought a hat-trick of buzz-products that are so far proving successful for the Silicon Valley monster. The Nexus 7 tablet has been incredibly popular, the Jelly Bean Android OS has received strong reviews, and the Nexus Q media hub sold out on the first day of its US release.

But it appears Google’s work is not yet done with the latter, as sales of the product have been postponed indefinitely while its designers seek to improve the product. However, providing quite the sweetener for those who had signed up for the pre-order Stateside, Google is offering the device to its early claimants completely free of charge. The move should quell a lot of negative PR that may have circulated from the delay, as Google extends the privileges it gave to the developer attendees at the I/O, who also got to try the product for free.

Yet the announcement will come as a blow to British suitors who liked what they saw on stage at the conference, as price and release details for the device’s UK launch were already conspicuously absent before the delay. We couldn't benefit from this pre-order payback freebie either, as only an email sign up for notifications on the product has been available on the UK's Google Play store.

In an email to customers, Google said, “The industrial design and hardware [of the Nexus Q] were met with great enthusiasm. We also heard initial feedback from users that they want Nexus Q to do even more than it does today. In response, we have decided to postpone the consumer launch of Nexus Q while we work on making it even better."

The move hints at a frosty reception from those who managed to get their hands on the early batch of the spherical device. Indeed, its limitations, such as being Android-only, somewhat amplify the fairly hefty $299 (£191) price tag so it will be interesting to see if the purported improvements help it score better in the value for money department when it arrives in the UK. Google certainly won’t want its Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean momentum stalled by the Nexus Q venture.

For a hands-on review of the product, look no further than our examination of the Nexus Q here.