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'Save for Later' option comes to Facebook

Facebook understands that users are in a hurry, and don't have time to read every long-winded rant posted by friends, so the social network has added the option to save posts for later.

As iMore first reported, Facebook dropped the new feature into its iOS apps; The Verge later confirmed that it is rolling out the desktop version, too.

We're not yet seeing the "Save" feature on iOS, Android, or Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to iMore, users can save posts by tapping and holding a message you want to read later. A popup will appear with the option to save. When you finally get a moment to catch up on your friends' lives, just click on the Saved folder in the sidebar, though you must first add that Saved folder though the Edit Favorites menu.

All saved stories are private, iMore said, so the user whose post you just added to your Saved folder will not be notified.

According to iMore, the feature will roll out automatically to iPhone and iPad users without an app update. This is because it is an update to Facebook's mobile platform rather than its apps. When it's available, users will see a notice atop the newsfeed with more details.

Last month, Facebook updated its site with notifications about friends' weddings, engagements, and other celebrations as part of Facebook's Events Calendar, an app that lets users create, edit, and maintain a monthly calendar in their profile tab.

Also, Pages administrators earned a little more control when Facebook added three updates to include scheduled and unpublished page posts, plus more specific permissions for third-party access.

Image Credit: iMore