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Sky's Now TV arrives on iOS, but is it working properly? UPDATE: Separate ID needed, app now "working fine"

IPhone and iPad users can now download Sky’s new Internet TV service, Now TV, after the app launched on iOS today. But numerous reports of login failures and technical bugs are threatening to undermine the service before it has even spread its wings.

Now TV was unveiled by Sky last month but only PCs, Macs and selected Android devices could access the product, which offers all you can eat £15 monthly subscriptions, or pay as you go fees between 99p and £3.49 for its titles.

Beginning as a movie-only gateway, Sky adds five new films to the collection every Friday which the company says are titles that will be available to Now TV subscribers at least a year before other online subscription services get them. With iOS users now entering the fray, Now TV’s challenge to streaming services like Netflix and LoveFilm will start to take shape.

Or will it? ITProPortal attempted to download the app but was persistently refused entry at the sign in stage despite having a legitimate Sky login, tried and tested on a host of its other services. Keen to see if others were having the same problem we got researching, and though reviews are fairly scarce due to the app’s limited time on the market, there is evidence that problems may indeed exist.

In the customer reviews section of Now TV’s app store page, ‘Ross Dunbar’ claims he can’t login to the iOS service, while the Martyn Drake tech blog reports a series of hurdles and bugs on the Android app – including authorisation difficulties and screen blackouts. The post’s comment section also includes stories of sign up difficulties.

Similar problems have been reported in abundance on the Now TV community page, which refers to the app as still being in beta phase – helping explain the glitches reported. We’ll be keeping tabs on whether Sky irons out these issues; in the meantime, let us know if you've had any problems with the Now TV app in the comments below.

UPDATE: According to Sky, it turns out our login problems were due to the somewhat frustrating fact that existing Sky IDs cannot be used to register for the Now TV service. Users are instructed to visit and click the 30 Day Free Trial button in the top right hand corner to sign up. You will need to enter your credit card or debit card details but you will not be charged for subscriptions. Once you have completed this registration process, you will be able to use your Now TV ID to download the iOS app.

Despite the technical glitches reported on blogs and message boards, Now TV assured us that the app is now "fully functional" and "working fine". Users experiencing any problems can visit