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Today's Tech: Google feeling the heat over Nexus Q and Street View, Sony Xperia mobiles may get Jelly Bean & HP Folio 13 review.

Google's name cropped up again and again this Wednesday, though unfortunately for the Californian tech titan, it was mostly for the wrong reasons. The day started well enough, with news that the search supremo is to push its social media presence even further with the help of newly acquired Wildfire Interactive.

But it was all downhill from there. First, the company was forced to announce that it was postponing the consumer launch of its Nexus Q media hub, saying that the hardware needed improvement. Then, things reached a nadir when it emerged that US data privacy regulators were fining Google over £14 million for by-passing the cookie warnings built-in to Apple's Safari web browser. Finally, the French decided to get in on the misery orgy, with one of the the country's watchdog organisations, the CNIL, ordering the query monster to cough up its Street View data records for investigation. And you thought life was tough for Samsung?

Sony was on the defensive in a lesser way, going back on its earlier claim that prominent 2011 Xperia smartphones like the Arc S and Mini Pro wouldn't get updated to Jelly Bean. The previous declaration was "made in error," according to the company's blog, with the Japanese firm now saying that it is "actively investigating" the possibility of refreshing its older Xperia devices with the latest Android OS. Oh, and it might launch a pretty spiffing sounding new Xperia tablet at IFA in a few weeks as well.

Over in Stratford, word on the track has it that sensitive corporate data may be at risk in London this summer, with some 67,000 mobile phones predicted to go missing at this year's Olympic Games. Researchers at enterprise firm Venafi say the device losses could amount to a total of over 214TB of private data. We can't decide whether the concern is valid, or if it's a load of ol' scaremongering, but at least it makes a change from Twitter acting as an online social club for racists and sociopaths - not to mention free-thinking journalists.

If and when the Sony Xperia Tablet S does materialise in Berlin later this month, you can be sure that ITProPortal will be the first to bring you the news, and offer the best in-depth product analysis thereafter. Until then, our über experienced reviewer James Morris has had his hands full checking out the HP Folio 13 notebook. It's no MacBook Air or Asus Zenbook, of course, but it's still a pretty nifty device – it's sober look will be especially appealing to business buyers, apparently.